Honey Vision was established in 2014 by a group of guys that were sick of flinging digital animals at stacked blocks. Since our dreams of winning Miss Universe were a bit farfetched, we decided to pursue our other dream: create games for the mobile gaming space that are interesting, addicting, and honestly, a little weird.

Based in the overcrowded streets of Los Angeles, our small group of nerdy gamers decided to sit down in our development studio and create games worth playing. Half of our day is spent developing games that are available on tablets and smartphones, and the other half is spent catching popcorn in midair like land dolphins.

Not only do we want to create games that players genuinely enjoy, but we also want our games to be entertaining for a long long time; not just while you’re stuck on the can. So basically our mission is to keep your attention as long as possible without making you forget about other responsibilities (like showering).